Maxim includes Barrell Seagrass in the
Best New American Rye Whiskeys of 2021.
Breaking Bourbon lists Barrell Seagrass
on the Best American Whiskeys of 2021.
Newsweek - Barrell Seagrass listed as one
of the Best Alcohol Gifts for 2021 .
Wine Enthusiast - Barrell Private Release A01A Bourbon
picked as one of the Best 13 Bourbons of 2021.
The Whiskey Jug rated Barrell Bourbon Batch 030 a 4/5, saying, “Barrell Bourbon Batch 030 is a fun curveball I’ll definitely be coming back to.” 
The Whiskey Tornado lists Barrell Bourbon Batch 027
and Barrell Seagrass in the Top 5 Bourbons of 2021.
VinePair includes Barrell Seagrass on
their list of the 50 Best Spirits of 2021.
Barrell Craft Spirits Launches Limited-Edition and
Ultra-Rare BCS Gold Label Bourbon.
VinePair includes Barrell Seagrass and Stellum Rye on their list of the 30 Best Rye Whiskey Brands (2021) as part of their Buy This Booze series.
Breaking Bourbon reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 030, saying, “there are a surprising amount of new flavors that haven’t been present in previous Barrell blends.”
Zach Johnston includes Barrell Armida and Stellum Bourbon in his Uproxx article The Best New Bourbon Whiskeys Under $100.
Barrell Armida is included in Zach Johnston’s recent blind taste test for Uproxx - see how it did.
Uproxx includes BCS Gray Label in their article Expand Your Whiskey Palate With These Sourced Bourbons, saying, “this is another bottle that easily outshines bottles twice the price.”
We're honored that Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 received the highest rating for bourbon in the Whisky Advocate Fall 2021 issue. Executive Editor David Fleming described this whiskey as being “loaded with well-integrated flavors.”
Barrell Seagrass in partnership with the Ocean Foundation is now available at select retailers and online here 
Thank you to Susannah Skivver Barton for including us on Inside Hook’s Whiskey Release Schedule
Thank you to VinePair for including Barrell Seagrass as part of their Buy This Booze series and saying, "the balance achieved and the unique flavor profile is nothing short of remarkable."
Drew Beard of Drinkhacker reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 029, rating it a 8.5/10 - "surprisingly delicate but still engaging."
Barrell Bourbon Batch 028 was given 92 points in the Fall 2021 issue of Whisky Advocate. The palate was described as being “velvety” and tasting of a “bounty of delicious orchard fruits.”
WhiskeyFellow reviews Barrell Bourbon Gray Label, saying, "you'll want to drink this."
Drew Beard of Drinkhacker reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 029, rating it a 8.5/10, "surprisingly delicate but still engaging."
Thank you to VinePair for including Barrell Seagrass as part of their Buy This Booze series and saying, "the balance achieved and the unique flavor profile is nothing short of remarkable."
Barrell Craft Spirits is included on InsideHook’s list of the 24 Most Interesting Rums to Try on National Rum Day.
Whiskeyfellow reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 030, saying, “blending is an art form, and this was a masterpiece.”
Zach Johnston of Uproxx reviews Barrell Seagrass, describing this release as “very soft and easy to sip on the front of the palate while taking you on a bit of a rollercoaster to that fruity, woody, and dry finish.”
Whiskey Fellow reviews Barrell Private Release Whiskey CH21, saying, “this snags a Bottle rating for me, and if you tend to agree with my palate, you're going to find it fascinating, too.”
InsideHook says "Barrell hits a home run (again)" and includes Batch 030 in the Best New Whiskeys to Seek out this Month.
Drinkhacker reviews Barrell Seagrass, saying, “like Barrell’s other special editions, this thing is a flavor roller coaster. Definitely worth the price of admission.”
Barrell Bourbon Batch 029 scores second place in a blind taste test for UPROXX’s recent article Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskeys From 2021, Blind Tested And Ranked.
Executive Editor David Fleming includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 on Whisky Advocate’s list of the 10 Highest-Scoring Whiskies in the Summer 2021, calling it a “well-structured whiskey.”
Whisky Advocate rates both Barrell Bourbon Batch 027 and the 2020 bottling of BCS Bourbon 93 points.
Breaking Bourbon reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 029, saying that this release “offers a range of different flavors that all come together while still maintaining a familiar-enough bourbon-centric base to satisfying results.”
Barrell Bourbon is included in Susannah Skiver Barton’s article for Men’s Journal Yes, You Can Drink Whiskey in Summer. These Cask-Strength Bourbons and Ryes Are Perfect on the Rocks.
Uproxx includes Barrell Armida and Stellum Bourbon on their list of The Best Bourbon Whiskeys Of 2021 (So Far).
Barrell Dovetail is included on Susannah Skiver Barton’s list for Men’s Journal of 5 Affordable Limited-Edition Bourbons and Whiskeys You Can Actually Find.
Thirty One Whiskey reviews Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel Z1C0, saying, “the flavors are exactly what you’d hope to see in a good bourbon, and the depth and saturation that comes from a cask strength bottling lets it really stand up to some of the tougher preparations like the old fashioned and the mule.”
We’re honored that Barrell Seagrass was selected as Best in Spirits in the 2021 Best of the Best from Robb Report.
Whiskey Raiders declares, “with Barrell Seagrass on shelves, Rye fans need despair no longer” in their article Barrell’s Newest Rye May Just Be The Best Rye Of The Year.
Inside Hook includes Barrell Craft Spirits on their list of The 50 Best American Whiskeys and Bourbons for the Fourth of July.
Cyties includes Barrell Seagrass on their list of 7 Whiskeys for Father's Day, saying, "pour Dad a drink of Seagrass and watch his cares melt away as he daydreams of the sun warming his face on a white sand beach."
In his Bevvy article Barrell Craft Spirits Is Blending Bourbon—And a Whole Lot Else—Its Own Way, Eric Twardzik interviews BCS Founder Joe Beatrice and concludes by telling readers, "expect a whole lot more of where that came from."
The Whiskey Wash reviews Barrell Seagrass, saying, “I’d pick some up, because—like a gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer—it won’t stick around long.”
Men's Health includes BCS Bourbon on their list of the 47 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers: "a complex spirit that’s worth savoring."
Bourbon Culture reviews Barrell Bourbon Batch 029, saying, "if you liked Batch 020 [...] this will also be right up your alley."
BCS Founder Joe Beatrice featured in Bourbon and Banter’s article American Blend - The Future is Here, where he notes the difference between “blended whiskey” & “blending with whiskey.”
Barrell Private Release Bourbon A01A earns 96 points from Kara Newman at Wine Enthusiast, who notes that "while this cask-strength beast opens fiery, adding just enough water brings out a bright and fruity side."
Kara Newman of Wine Enthusiast gives Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 93 points, saying, "look for a bold vanilla bean aroma and dusty nutmeg and black pepper at first sip."
Men's Journal features Barrell Private Release Bourbon BA1C in their article The Best Whiskeys of 2021, According to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 028 on their list of The 12 Best Bourbons To Drink in 2021.
Gear Patrol includes Barrell Bourbon and Stellum Bourbon on their list of The 19 Best Bourbon Whiskeys You Can Buy in 2021.
Maxim includes Barrell Private Release Bourbon BA1C in their article The Best Whiskeys and Spirits of 2021, According to a Top Spirits Competition.
Uproxx includes BCS Bourbon on their list of The Best Bottles Of Bourbon Whiskey Between (Gulp) $200-$300, calling it "another bottle that easily outshines bottles twice the price."
Barrell Seagrass was reviewed by Breaking Bourbon, who described the palate as "a creamy medley of red summer fruits, sugary vanilla molasses, and a twinge of apricot brandy form a club you’ll want to get into."
Fatherly includes Barrell Seagrass on their list of The Best Whiskey of 2021…So Far, saying, "with every sip the mouth is greeted with a wash of tropical fruit, followed by a flow of vanilla, herbal notes and rye spice."
Whisky Advocate includes Batch 026 on their list of the 10 Highest-Scoring Whiskies in the Spring 2021 Buying Guide.
Whisky Advocate gave Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 a 93 in their spring rating guide.
VinePair lists 8 Things You Should Know About BCS
Robb Report lists Armida as one of The 11 Best Cask-Finished American Whiskeys
Barrell Armida is included on Uproxx’s list of The Best Bottles Of Bourbon Whiskey Between $100-$125, where it was described as having a “super clear pear note that is so pear, you’ll think you’re about to eat a perfectly ripe one.”
Barrell Craft Spirits Introduces Barrell Seagrass
Whisky Advocate highlights BCS Founder Joe Beatrice in their #TasteWithSpace series. Senior Editor Susannah Skiver Barton recaps Beatrice’s interview with Associate Editor Ted Simmons, emphasizing the meticulous nature of the work of BCS.
Our Assistant Blender Nic Christiansen was included in The Bourbon Review's article Founders & Creators: 22 Women of Whiskey, a list that highlights the growing role of women in the whiskey business.
Batch 027 included on Food and Wine's list of The 9 Best Bourbons to Start Your Collection, where it was described as, "a cherry bomb of a whiskey."
Associate Editor Ted Simmons includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 025 in Whisky Advocate's list of 5 High-Quality Barrel-Proof Bourbons to Try Now.
Robb Report includes Barrell Tale of Two Islands on their list of the 21 Best Rums of the 21st Century (So Far), Ranked
Barrell Craft Spirits was featured in Elite Traveler's article The Best Bourbon Brands in the World for our Private Release Bourbon series.
Barrell Bourbon Batch 026 was featured in American Whiskey Magazine, where Peggy Noe Stevens and Susan Reigler give their own tasting notes and each rate this release higher than a 9.0. Stevens rounds out the review by commenting, "Get excited folks, a truly traditional Bourbon with beautiful complexity and balance."
Barrell Craft Spirits was featured in Jake Emen’s Distiller article, Bourbon Blending: Brands Emphasizing the Blend. “Combining these different bourbon whiskeys together to create a unique product isn’t something Barrell Craft Spirits is hiding from. On the contrary, it’s the whole point.”
Executive Editor Jeffery Lindenmuth of Whisky Advocate selected Barrell Bourbon Batch 025 as one of the three Standout Whiskies From Winter 2020. Lindenmuth described Batch 025 as having a palate that is "wonderfully dense with fruit, including flavors of marmalade, strawberry jam, and bright tropical fruits, woven with more spice."
Barrell Rye Batch 003 was featured in Esquire, where it was referred to as “one of the best releases to hit the shelves in 2020.”
Garden and Gun included Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021 on their list of 6 New and Distinctive Bourbons to Add to Your Collection, where it was noted that “the 113.9 proof bourbon is layered with fresh, fruity flavors.”
Is there such a thing as too much whiskey? See what BCS founder Joe Beatrice thinks in this article from Inside Hook.
BCS Bourbon included in Men's Health "Top 50 Best Gifts for Whiskey Lovers"
Dovetail featured in the 2020 Food and Wine's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide
Barrell Armida was included on Maxim’s list of The Best New American Whiskeys of 2020, noting that the unique blend creates a “complex whiskey that pairs ripe, floral pear notes with hints of spice and citrus.”
Business Wire: Barrell Craft Spirits Launches Private Release Bourbon Series
Brad Japhe includes the 2020 bottling of BCS Bourbon on his Forbes list of the World’s Best Bourbon Whiskey: 2020 New Releases, calling it, "a truly captivating sipping experience."
In his recent article on Distiller, Jake Emen delves into the "Magic of Blending," calling BCS blending "a work of art whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts, ready to surprise and delight the aficionados who seek it out."
Business Wire: Barrell Craft Spirits Introduces Barrell Armida
Barrell Craft Spirits Launches in the Land Down Under
Uproxx includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 023 on their list of Bourbons that Perfectly Bridge The Gap Between Summer And Fall, calling this release a “highly nuanced, complex bourbon.”
BUSINESS WIRE – Dovetail Awarded Chairman’s Trophy at the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge
Brad Japhe's write up of Barrell Craft Spirits' Private Release Program featured in the Wall Street Journal.
Joe Beatrice offers insight into Barrell's blending process in this Distiller article by Jake Emen, providing step-by-step suggestions for at-home whiskey blending, and sharing hints from years in the trade.
Whisky Advocate gives Barrell Bourbon Batch 023 a rating of 92, including it on their list of the 7 Barrel Proof Bourbons To Try Now, calling it "a really well-balanced whiskey, with sweetness, spice, and fruit working in harmony."
Business Wire: Barrell Craft Spirits Batch 021 Named “Best Bourbon” at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Inside Hook: The Story Behind Barrell, The Year's Best, Most Untraditional Bourbon
Beverage Dynamics Interview with Founder Joe Beatrice and Master Distiller Tripp Stimson
Forbes Magazine: Bourbon’s Rule Breaker: How Barrell Craft Spirits Upblended The Whiskey Industry
Esquire Includes Barrell Bourbon On Their List Of The 10 Best Bourbon Whiskey Brands To Drink Right Now
Maxim includes Barrell Bourbon Batch 020 in its “10 Best New Bottles For Bourbon Heritage Month”
Barrell Bourbon Batch 021 listed as Editor's Choice in the Winter 2019 Guide of Whisky Advocate Magazine
Business Wire: Barrell Craft Spirits Releases First-Ever American Vatted Malt
Barrell Craft Spirits Wins Double Gold Medals Once Again At The San Francisco World Spirits Competition


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Barrell Rye and Dovetail were included on Dusty Dan’s Whiskey Reviews’ list of the Top 10 Whiskies of 2020. Barrell Rye was described as “one of the best ryes [he] had tried all year,” and the finishing on Dovetail was noted as being “absolutely phenomenal.”
The Neat Pour Podcast kicked off the new year by sipping Barrell Bourbon New Year 2021, with Nick from the podcast saying it was "the most approachable cask strength whiskey [he's] had in a while."
BCS National Director Will Schragis sits down with The Cartel Hour podcast to discuss the blending playground and what makes Barrell different.
When every release is unique, a blind taste test might prove challenging. Watch Kenny and Ryan of Bourbon Pursuit do a blind taste test of 15 Barrell Craft Spirits products to pick out their favorites and test their palates as Joe Beatrice and Fred Minnick moderate.
Tripp Stimson, BCS Director of Distillery Operations and Chief Whiskey Scientist, sits down with the Bourbon and BS Podcast to sample whiskey and talk shop.
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